Monday, August 23, 2010

The Wayfinder Scheme: What's all the buzz?

A few posts back, I posted the Making Money: Merchanting Wayfinder Helmet guide. Since then lots of wizards have verified, followed, and even praised the guide. There are, however, a few things I should clarify.

Despite the name, 'The Wayfinder Scheme' is perfectly legit. Merchanting can be found in tons of MMORPG's, and there's nothing wrong with doing it with a few items in Wizard101.

Twitter has also erupted with tweets about the 'The Wayfinder Scheme' with such hashtags as '#wayfinder' and '#wayfinderschemersanonymous'. All the attention and buzz 'The Wayfinder Scheme' has stirred up has arisen because it truly and actually works.

Now my 'partner in crime' the Two-Headed Wizard posted a "Less Time Consuming Guide" on his blog. I'm not saying that he's wrong, cause he's not. He covered a lot of the basics. But there's some things he missed.
  1. The Enter Key is your friend. When confirming your sale or purchase, instead of clicking YES with your mouse, just click ENTER on your keyboard. It'll save you time, and make it harder for others to snipe your stuff.
  2. The SELL tab is always open. I know the 2-Headed Wiz adviced going to the AMULET tab before you sell your Wayfinder stock, but there's really no need. Right away you open the Bazaar window, you can go ahead and click the SELL tab before anything loads. No loading time or need to choose the useable option. This will save you a couple seconds, making your trips shorter, and you rich faster.
  3. Watch your gold. In order to make a profit, there must be no Wayfinder Helmets/Robes in the bazaar. Otherwise, you will not receive 17,011 per hat/robe and make a profit. If there are other Wayfinder Helmets/Robes in stock you can either wait for someone else to buy them or buy them yourself. If you're gonna buy them yourself, make sure you have at least 5,366 gold per item that you buy. If you buy too many hats/robes you might not have enough to dye them all afterwards.

  4. Diversify your Wayfinder stock. Wayfinder Robes and Wayfinder Helmets are interchangeable. They both buy and sell for the exact same amount of gold. The only difference is that people buy Wayfinder Helmets a lot more than Robes. This means that you'll have to buy a lot more Wayfinder Robes to sell them at 17,011 gold, but either way you'll be making money regardless of which you use. So go ahead and merchant both!
  5. More Robes, Less Time, More Money! When merchanting Wayfinder Robes you need to keep a few things in mind. After you sell the robe, and click the BUY tab, quickly click the ROBE tab. Otherwise, you will have to load the HAT tab and then the ROBE tab. Then click the LVL tab twice just as before, but don't click the CHANGE COLOR tab(Unless you're a girl). For boys, the default color is already Brown Brown, so you can just go ahead and buy the robe. But for girls, the default color is Gold Gold, so you'll just have to change the base color to White before you buy the robe back. The more gold you make, the more robes you can buy thus the less time it will take to make even more money (@ 1565+ per robe).

That's all I can think of for now. Make sure you read the Two-Headed Wizard's guide(here), if you haven't already. He provides lots of excellent tips on using teleports to and from the Bazaar. If you have any questions or need me to clarify any of the above, feel free to send me an email or just leave a comment below. Thanks for Reading! And stay tuned for this week's Pet of the Week!


  1. I was waiting for this post :D. Thanks for mentioning my guide, along with a few more tips on yours. Incidentally, I think I coined the term "Wayfinder scheme" for some reason when it first came out - Now everyone is using that word, lol. Sure hope KI doesn't take it away...