Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pet of the Week: Sir Blarney

This week's Pet of the Week is the greedy, little penny pincher Sir Blarney! Name: Sir Blarney (Mr. Lincoln forgot the L, so ingame he's Sir Barney)
Species: Leprechaun
Card/Abilities: Gives 1 Leprechaun Card(180-220 damage) as of Baby
Bio: I found Sir Blarney entirely by accident. I was helping a friend defeat the Death Oni in the Tree of Life which was rather easy for a Grandmaster Theurg. After I defeated the Oni, amongst the loot, there he was! Sir Blarney was trying to make away with some of the gold that the Death Oni had left behind. Had he not been stuffing his pockets, he would've noticed me creeping up behind him. WHAM! I caught the little thief. After spending some time with my other pets, Sir Blarney has turned over a new leaf(in search for more gold perhaps). He now occupies his time running an underground Casino in Marleybone in an undisclosed location. Sir Blarney loves to make money and eating Skittles at the end of a Double Rainbow. He hates losing money(duh), thieves, beggars, and regular Rainbows. Just be careful with your money bags, lest your gold ends up in Blarney's Pot of Gold.
Location/Boss: Tree of Life/Death Oni
-The Spirit Keeper-

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