Monday, August 2, 2010

Pet of the Day: Lord Bentley

This is my first ever Pet of the Day post. I would amaze you all with a brand new never before seen pet...but unfortunately I do not own such a pet. Instead, I'll reintroduce Lord Bentley.
Name: Lord Bentley(aka The Spirit Guardian)
Species: Life Minotaur
Cards: Life Minotaur card at Ancient
Bio: Lord Bentley was rescued from Helgrind's Warren. It wasn't easy, but together with the Spirit Apprentice(aka Allison Dragonshard) I was able to free him from the grasp of the Broomwood Tormentor. Lord Bentley likes to go golfing in Cyclops Lane and playing the Cannon Game in the Pet Pavilion. He really dislikes beggars, especially in Wizard City, who ask for Treasure Card donations. His favorite food is Ambros Cereal(crafted snack).
Location/Boss: Helgrind's Warren/Broomwood Tormentor

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