Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pet of Last Week: King Leo

I've decided to change Pet of the Day to Pet of the Week. That way I don't run out of pets too quickly. On that note, the pet for last week is King Leo.

Name: King Leo
Species: Helpful Wildclaw
Cards: Gives 1 Fairy Card as of Teen/+1% Power Pip as of Teen
Bio: I found King Leo during one of my many travels last year in the land of Walgreens. King Leo is very energetic, although he loses his temper easily. He enjoys quiet, twilight runs in the Haunted Cave, howling at the full moon, and sunbathing at the Oasis. King Leo dislikes showers, Oni's, and Doctor Purreau(don't ask).
Location/Boss: $20 Walgreens Gift Card 2009 (I think)
-The Spirit Keeper-

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