Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Money: Merchanting Wayfinder Helmet

Recently I read a post by The Two-Headed Wizard explaining how to make some extra gold when selling your Wayfinder Helmet. And it worked! So I kept going, and going, and going...and after about an hour I was at MAX gold. So I bought a Bengal Tiger mount (cost 90k gold), and then did it all over again. The first day I tried this, I hit MAX gold 3 times! Since then, I've bought a Myth House and decorated it as best I could. I've aso crafted lots of furniture, using the gold I make to buy reagents. So far my Myth House looks awesome, or so I've been told by everyone who's visited. But by now you'e probably wondering exactly how I made so much gold. So below, I've provided step by step instructions.
To start you're going to need a Wayfinder Helmet(dropped by the Main boss in the Warehouse) and 5,366 gold.
The first thing you do is take your Wayfinder Helmet to the Dye Shop and dye the base Black with Black trim. You'll notice that I have a lot of Wayfinder Helmets; I'll explain why later. I'm also including some pictures for both boys and girls since its a little different for each (Using a girl alt I just happen to have).
Next you take your dyed Wayfinder Helmet and run to the Bazaar. Now, you want to be careful when you sell your Wayfinder Helmet. In order to make any money, you have to sell your Wayfinder Helmet for 17,011 gold. If the selling price is less than that, it means that the bazaar already has some Wayfinder Helmets in stock. To get the selling price up to 17,011 gold you either have to wait for other people to buy the Wayfinder Helmets already in the bazaar or you can buy them yourself (which I recommend). The selling price is the same for both boys and girls.

Now quickly click the BUY tab, wait for it to load, click the LEVEL tab twice (since the Wayfinder Helmet will always appear first), click CHANGE COLOR, dye the base Brown with Brown trim for boys, and White with Gold Trim for girls. The buying price should be 10,080 gold or less for boys and 10,962 gold or less for girls. If it more than that, then you didn't choose the right color combinations. After you change the color, click buy and confirm. You should have more gold than when you started. Do this a couple times and you should be at MAX gold in no time. Now, you're probably wondering why I had more than 1 Wayfinder Helmet. Those extra Wayfinder Helmets are ones that I bought fom the bazaar so that I could sell my Wayfinder Helmets at 17,011 gold. Having extra Wayfinder Helmets is always beneficial. First, someone else might buy the Wayfinder Helmet you sold before you have time to buy it back; so having extras is handy. Also, for each Wayfinder Helmet you have you make the following:

For Boys:
17,011(Selling Price)-5,366(Dyeing Price)-10,080(Buying Price)= +1,565 gold Profit! per hat

For Girls:
17,011(Selling Price)-5,366(Dyeing Price)-10,962(Buying Price)= +683 gold Profit! per hat

So the more Wayfinder Helmet's you have the more gold you make per trip. Now 1,565 and 683 might not seem like a lot of gold, but if you use mana to mark your location in the Bazaar and have a friend to port to in the Dye Shop(friend saves you like 30 secs), then you can do each trip in a minute(amount of time it takes for your mana mark port to reset). This gets you MAX gold in 1 hour and 30 minutes(for boys) and 3 hours and 30 minutes(for girls) if you use one hat. The more hats you use, the less time it takes.

If you have any questions/issues email me at spiritkeep@gmail.com and if this guide works for you, please comment verifying that it does below.


  1. Thank you!! My Myth alt (a boy) went from around 42K gold to over 125K in a couple of hours last night.

    For me the robes turned out to be a little faster than the hats, buying one defaulted to the cheapest brown/brown combo so I didn't need the extra step of changing to those colors first.

  2. This guide is great because I am sitting on three robes that I can't sell without losing money! Yay me! >:(

  3. It works for everyone :). Only problem - If a Wayfinder hat/robe is already in the catalog in the Bazaar your hat/robe sells for a lot less so you have to wait till they are all sold. Thanks for the mention and discovery!

  4. Thank you for telling me this. I really need to know how to make gold. I only have about four hundred twenty two. So like I said before keep posting your awesome posts and you and your house are AWESOME!