Monday, August 16, 2010

Pet of the Week: King Cosmo

The Pet of the Week is the artsy, sprinter King Cosmo.

Name: King Cosmo Species: Satyr
Card/Abilities: Gives 1 Satyr Card(heals 990) as of Ancient/+4% Life Accuracy and +5% Pip Percentage as of Ancient
Bio: I met King Cosmo soon after completing my lvl 48 quest from Moolinda Wu. King Cosmo is very energetic, endlessly dancing the night away. He loves to playing on his pipes, going to dance parties, drinking root beer, and chasing nymphs (At least that's what he said. Personally, I've never seen a nymph). King Cosmo is a pacifist, and would rather challenge you to a Dance Off than a Duel. He's also an amazing runner, reaching the Semi-Finals(with 3 other pets) in the first ever 1v1 Adult Pet Derby Tournament on Wizard101 Central. King Cosmo dislikes bullies and Fizzling.
Location/Boss: Lvl 48 Life School Quest
-The Spirit Keeper-

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