Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ravenwood Radio: Episode 23 and After Party

Ravenwood Radio: Episode 23 LIVE was a smash yesterday. Who knew the Balance Study Hall would be so interesting? I was sure they wouldn't be able to top the Life Study Hall(:P). But joking aside, the Balance Study Hall was a very interesting broadcast. I learned a lot of useful information. If you missed it last night, then make sure you check it out at Ravenwood Radio, as soon as it's up. I took some pictures you can check out below. Leesha was hard to get a picture of, since she wouldn't stand still, but I finally got her in a pic. Some of us stopped by my place for an After After Party, I forgot to take pictures though :(.
Picture 2010-08-25 23-01-37Picture 2010-08-25 23-00-08Picture 2010-08-25 23-00-13Picture 2010-08-25 23-01-08Picture 2010-08-25 23-11-41Picture 2010-08-25 23-09-13
Woot! Flikr is Awesome! Thanks for reading!
-The Spirit Keeper-