Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update on the Keeper: Part III (Farewell, Cassandra!)

I only meant to have 2 parts to the Update of the Keeper series. But since so much has happened in 2 days, I'll make it a Trilogy.
The Spirit Guardian, Lord Bentley, has finally reached the ranks of Epic, my first ever Epic pet! He has become quite a formidable opponent on the Pet Derby course. And when it comes to PvP, his Life Minotaur card comes in very handy. All in all, Lord Bentley is just estatic about his achievement, so much so that he scored a 54 on the Cyclops Lane 18-hole Golf Course, the lowest score ever recorded (according to him anyways)! In other news, King Cosmo is now on his way to join Lord Bentley as an Epic pet, already 1/4 of the way there.
Cassandra Lifecaster aka The Comic Theurgist from Comedy Theurgists will be going away to boarding school. So we won't be seeing her for a long while :(. The other day, we had a going away party for her. We'll miss you, Cassandra! She's still around, I think, so make sure you wish her 'adieu'! Here's some pictures from the party:
I'll address the Wayfinder buzz in my next post. If you see yourself in any pictures, or just want to wish Cassandra goodbye, feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi. I just wanted to say bye to Cassandra so bye. Have fun in boarding school. I also wanted to say that I am sad tat i wasn't at the party and I wasn't in the pictures, but that's OK.

  2. I'm in all of the pictures :-P, it was a great party :). Bye Cassandra!