Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update on the Keeper: Part II (w/ Pet Training Tips)

Hmm, what else happened this week? I'm drawing a blank...

Oh yeah, I did a couple Warehouse runs (Piece of Cake), did one run of Briskbreeze Tower (It was a breeze), and fought Malistaire twice (Pwnage). I finally got the Malistaire Athame and Ring, not the grand ones(already had those), the ones with incoming and outgoing healing percentage (Malistaire Drake's DeathEdge and Malistaire Drake's Ruby Signet). These two items are invaluable for a Theurgist, especially when fighting in groups while questing or in PvP.

I've made a ton of gold using my "Money Making: Merchanting Wayfinder Helmet" guide.
Although, finding stuff to spend all that gold on isn't easy. Apart from buying house items and reagents in the bazaar, I've been mating my Ancient Satyr, King Cosmo everyday. Unfortunately, the only new pets I've received have been a Traveler, which looks like a Myth Treant, and several more Satyrs.

As I've been training Lord Bentley, I learned a few things.
This is what I did(Click images for full resolution):
  • Fed Lord Bentley a Life Rank 5 Gummy Humongofrog which yielded +7 experience, then fed him a Myth Rank 6 Ambros Cereal which yielded the same +7 experience.
  • However, when I fed him a Life Rank 5 Golden Grapes, it only yielded +6 experience. And I think I know why.


Normally, the amount of experience your pet receives from a snack is equal to the rank of that snack, with 3 exceptions.

  1. Your pet likes to eat snacks from its own school. When you feed them snacks from the same school, they receive +1 extra experience. So Lord Bentley, a Life Minotaur, gets +6 exp from the Life Rank 5 Golden Grapes, instead of +5 exp. But why didn't the Gummy Humongofrog also yield +6 exp. That brings us to the second exception.
  2. Your pet is power hungry. When you feed them snacks that have at least +2 Power(that's 2 or more), they will gain +1 extra exp. So that's why when Lord Bentley received +7 exp from the Myth Rank 6 Ambros Cereal, instead of +6 exp. This exception stacks with the 1st exception. That's why Lord Bentley received +7 exp from the Life Rank 5 Gummy Humongofrog, instead of +5 exp.
  3. Your pet loves MegaSnacks! All MegaSnacks are Rank 8 (I think), but they give a ton of experience (highest I've seen so far is +30). So they're clearly an exception to the first 2 rules.

So when buying/crafting snacks for your pets make sure to look for snacks that are from the same school and have at least +2 Power so that you can take advantage of the extra +2 experience. Currently, Lord Bentley's favorite snacks include all MegaSnacks and Rice Wispie Cereal, a Life Rank 6 Snack that gives +8 experience per 8 pana(that's pet mana). Keep looking for those deals, and Thanks for reading! What's your pet's favorite snacks? Comment below...

-The Spirit Keeper-


  1. Ben,

    For rule #2, it's not the Power that they are after, but it is the *food group* the snack is from.

    Storm Cat likes Gummy Humongofrog, Gummy Bloodbat, and Glowing Rock Candy (sweets), but will love Gummy Storm Cat (not because of the same name, but because it's a Sweet from Storm School).

    With Cereal, all pets like cereal; thus, naturally, they will love the cereal from their own school!

    I like the Square Root, being a math major myself :)

  2. The highest experience I've seen from a megasnack is 48. I think it might have been rank 9...

  3. Yes there are two kinds of megas "8"s and "9"s. Rank 9s will give you more EXP.