Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zazzle T-Shirt Contest: Deadline Tomorrow!

The deadline for KingsIsle's Zazzle T-Shirt Contest is tomorrow, July 15th! So if you haven't already submitted a T-Shirt design, now's your chance.
The 1st place prize is 10,000 crowns and your shirt could be featured in the Zazzle Store!

You can enter the contest here, and view the Official Rules here.

I've already designed a Life T-Shirt and entered it into the contest. After the contest I'll post a picture of my design. I enjoyed designing the Life T-Shirt so much, that I also designed T-Shirts for all the Schools! I'll post pictures of those too, after the contest.


  1. Wow, such a neat site I added it to my list and followed it. Yes, it's me the world famous Sorcerer of the Spiral-M.W.S

    Check out my w101 blog/site here:

    Never knew you watched Legend of the Seeker glad I'm not the only one watching it.

  2. Yeah, Thanks for following. Maybe once I get this blog off the ground, I can claim the title of Theurgist of the Spiral. You never know, but for now, I'll stick with The Spirit Keeper. And yeah, Legend of the Seeker is probably one of the best fantasy series I've seen in a while. Wonder if they'll make another season.