Friday, July 2, 2010

Naming Your Blog

Welcome back!
Now, the hardest part, I think, about making a blog is naming it. Any name won't do; it has to be memorable, catchy, and simple(for our younger viewers). And so begun my quest to find a name for my blog. The Sanctuary, Theurgists United, Magic Mayhem, Legends Well, Spirit Well, Spirit Cove, Spirit Keep...The Spirit Keep!
Why "The Spirit Keep"?
Well apart from the trial and error of trying to find a name that was available, I wanted a name that was easy to remember but also clever. Why clever? Well why not? Here's two names for example: The Friendly Necromancer's a clever name, cause whose ever heard of a Necromancer, evil shady figures known for their vile practices including resurrecting the dead in all their decay and rotting splendor, being friendly! And Eternally Green's also a clever name, emphasizing Natalie's school spirit and devotion to the verdant arts. Clever blog names are the most memorable, like the Mythspent Youth or Modern Auto Magic. Like Natalie, I wanted to show my school spirit, so representing the Life school somehow was a must. And as I racked my brain and looked through my deck, I thought Spirit Blades and Traps are a combination of life, myth, and death, so Spirit something. I also wanted my blog to be like a magical place i.e. a sanctuary, cove, well, haven...but as I was thinking of which place to use, this caught my eye:
I had a quest to do at Mirkholm Keep. But what was a keep? A keep, in reality, is the strong central tower of a castle used as a dungeon or fortress where all the treasure and essentials are kept i.e. a keep. Here's a picture:
That was perfect! So The Spirit Keep, where the entire Spiral's magic and secrets are kept. And I would be the Spirit Keeper! Not a goalkeeper but a keeper similar to The Keeper from Legend of the Seeker, but alive and benevolent and keeper of blog posts instead of souls.
That about wraps it up: Follow the links above if you haven't already, and leave your comments and thoughts about my blog's name, The Spirit Keep. Thanks for reading!

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