Friday, July 2, 2010


Welcome to the Spirit Keep!
My name is Benjamin Fairydust and I'm a Grandmaster Theurgist as well as a Full-time Student.
Why start a blog?
Well I love playing Wizard101 and after playing it for two years, I've decided that its about time I started blogging. I've followed the Friendly Necromancer's blog for a while now and he makes it look easy. I also have a friend, Natalie Crowshard, who recently moved her blog, Eternally Green, from WordPress to BlogSpot. With so many wizards entering the Blogosphere, I thought I might as well make myself known.
What will I talk about?
Just about anything and everything W101 related, and more. I'll be sharing my thoughts, critiques, and advice. I'd be glad to answer to the best of my ability any questions about the game that you might have.
I think that's enough info for my first post. Check out the links above if you haven't already, and tune in for my next post: Naming Your Blog

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