Monday, July 26, 2010

The Spirit Guardian: Lord Bentley

The Spirit Keep has welcomed a new addition to their team: Lord Bentley!
Lord Bentley isn't a wizard. He is a fully licensed, top notch, Life Minotaur.
Lord Bentley and I met at Helgrind Warren in Nidavellir. He was being tortured by the Broomwood Tormenter, but I soon put an end to that. In gratitude for releasing him, Lord Bentley has accepted the invitation to The Spirit Keep.
Lord Bentley is well on his way to becoming an Epic pet. Having hatched this morning, Lord Bentley has been very busy training at the Cannon Game in the Pet Pavilion. As of now, he's a a full fledged teenager. He will have to keep at it if he wishes to fulfill his responsibilities as The Spirit Guardian.
That's all for now! See you in the Spiral!
-The Spirit Keeper

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